Welcome to Anterivo, Trodena and San Lugano

The dreamy mountain villages of Anterivo, Trodena and San Lugano are a paradise for people looking for rest and relaxation. The hiking area Monte Corno Nature Park is located in the sunny, southern part of South Tyrol and is an ideal destination to experience your most precious days of the year in the middle of this pristine piece of nature. In the Monte Corno Nature Park, crystal-clear creeks, lush forests, cosy huts, imposing mountains and colourful meadows will inspire you.

Anterivo at the Monte Corno Natural ParkAnterivo 1209 m

The small village of Anterivo is located south of Bolzano and it is the only German-speaking municipality in the Val di Fiemme. Also notable is the “Altreier Kaffee” a local speciality.

Trodena at the Monte Corno Natural ParkTrodena 1127 m

Trodena is a rustic village in the South-Tyrolean Dolomites. It is in the middle of the Monte Corno Nature Park, which is high in biodiversity.

San Lugano im Naturpark Trudner HornSan Lugano 1096 m

The village of San Lugano is part of the municipality Trodena, and it is close to the border of Trentino. Up until 1963, the “Fleimstalbahn” was operating here, which was a narrow-gauge railway. The track is especially popular amongst mountain bikers today. 

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Culture & Tradition

Expressive and genuine

To sustain old traditions and be open for new things at the same time: This admirable and refreshing attitude of the local people can be seen and felt everywhere you go. Rites and traditions that are hundreds of years old are being revived here. The clocks seem to tick slower here, in the Monte Corno Nature Park . People’s love for their home is expressive and genuine, and the awareness of traditions has a special place in their hearts. The small, but daily delights are what makes people happy.